Benefits Analysis & Money Management

Benefits Analysis:

A Work Incentive Planning Report is a report that tells you how many hours you can work and how much money you can earn before your government benefits are affected.


It is a tool that can be used to assist in determining how employment can benefit you.


A Certified Work Incentive Practitioner is on staff to complete the Analysis and answer an questions you may have if the conditions of your employment change (raise, promotion, increase in hours, etc). A Work Incentive Planning Report is for anyone receiving government assistance.


A budget is your most important tool for controlling your finances. It’s your plan for saving and spending money. It’s a good idea to make a budget for each month of the year.

Life Bridge Services will help you do just that!

Ways We May Support Money Management:

- Look at how money is spent now.

- Develop a livable budget that includes spending and saving.

-Learn how to save without losing your government benefits.

-Decide where to keep your money.

People use money two ways:

1.) They buy things they need or want now.

2.) They save for things they may need or want later.

(Need is something one must have to survive. Want is something you might like to have, but don’t need right away.)

There are two kinds of Income:

- Earned income – The wages or salary you receive for a job.

- Unearned income – Money you receive that does not come from a job such as: Supplemental Security Income, Social Security, Workers’ compensation,Veteran benefits, or even gifts from family or friends.

Develop a Budget:

To make a budget you need to know how much income you have, how you are spending it, and how many bills you have.

1.) Figure out how much money you receive each month.

2.) How you currently spend your money.s is heading element

3.) Finally, you can work out how much money you have left over each month.

Managing your finances is not something you learn in a couple of hours, The organizational steps take about a month to do. Then money management steps continue for the rest of your life.

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