Customized Employment Services

Life Bridge Services is here to assist the individual with becoming successful within a job environment and becoming more independent. Individuals will receive assistance with job placement, job coaching, job development, and follow-along services.

Life Bridge Services is partnered with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities through a grant project called: The Hub @ 2705.

Some individuals may be employed in a supported employment setting where a group of individuals work as a team at a single work site, or a host community business or industry. They receive initial training, supervision, and on-going support provided by a Life Bridge Services staff member.


Are provided one on one.

Are designed to develop an individualized employment plan and gather information about a person’s strengths, interests, and employment preferences.

Supports the individual’s community employment goals.

May be one large group that separates in to many small groups at one location, or one small group that travels to many different locations.

Promotes interactions between participants and people without disabilities in an integrated setting.

What activities can be included?

Employment planning.

Work adjustment.

Job analysis.

Training and systematic instruction.

Job coaching.

Benefits support.

Transportation training, planning, and arranging.

Career advancement services.

Assistive technology training.

Personal care and assistance. (Can be component but not entire service.)

Benefits and work incentive planning and management.

Supporting People on their Path to a Good Life.

Life Bridge Services, 2705 Fulton Drive, NW Canton, OH 44718